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This page contains some of my works (portfolios) that can be displayed publicly.
Some of my works cannot be shown here due to license and IP issues of owner organization.

VR Home demo

Snap2Tell AR Tour Quick Guide
This is the iOS AR application me and my team developed in I2R.

IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award

Our team received IES award for our Snap2Tell platform in July 2014 while I was working in Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) Singapore.
IES Award

YES 2013 award

YES award JPG

Cum Laude award from RSNA for Liver Workbench

RSNA award JPG

A character recognition mobile app for interactive learning

SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 paper


Planning of hepatectomy for tumor resection: Resection surface construction and optimization

IEEE Paper


Liver Workbench: A Tool Suite for Liver and Liver Tumor Segmentation and Modeling

Robust and efficient liver and tumor segmentation segmentation tools from CT images are important for clinical decision-making in liver treatment planning and response evaluation. In this work, we report recent advances in an ongoing project Liver Workbench which aims to provide a suite of tools for the segmentation segmentation, quantification and modeling of various objects in CT images such as the liver, its vessels and tumors.

Book chapter



Liverbench nbt oct_2013 from jameszhou7486

Jailbreak : Voice Onrush iOS game

In Jailbreak: Voice Onrush, you take on the lead role, waking up with no memory of who you are. Save for your name, all information of you has been destroyed. In its place, something within you has changed. Hunted down by an unknown enemy, you must find a way to escape your pursuers using your new found powers. Will you be able to escape?

Princess on Ice 2 DS

This is the game for Nintendo DS game console. It is called “Prince on Ice 2” and released by 505 games. We created this game as a team and I am one of the development team members…

My first OpenGL assignment

This is my first OpenGL 3D rendering assignment for MSC (DMT) course. This is also my first experience of realizing the 3D graphic theories with C++ programming on computer.


2D movement & animation with SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)

This is my small assignment that utilize the SDL libraries for 2D graphic rendering and animations. I used Visual C++ 2005 and SDL library in Win32 programming method to develop that one. SDL is similar to DirectX drawing but easier to use than DirectX SDK. Sorry for the weak frame rate control in this video. Initially, I planned to add some enemies in this project but I did not have time to add and therefore only lonely player in this video.!

2D DirectX 7 simple game

This is a very simple 2D game that I created for my B.C.Sc degree around 2004.I used Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and DirectX 7.0a API for this one. The development was in C/C++ and I used only pure Win32 programming which means I did not use MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) or other GUI tools. Later, I modified this one and re-compiled in Visual Studio 2005. I submitted it for one of the animation subject assignments of MSC course in NTU.